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Google Ads Best Practices 
If you've tried and failed to advertise on Google, don't give up. There are many reasons why your Google Ads might not perform well. But first, let's look at some of the standard Google Ads best practices.
1. Use a PPC planning model.
hubspot google ads ppc scheduling template 
Download this free template 
Using a planner keeps your PPC projects organized. With Google and HubSpot's PPC scheduling model, you can see how your online ads will look, see the number of characters, and manage your campaigns, all in one place.
Two. Avoid broad keyword terms.
You really need to get your keywords right, so testing and tweaking should be part of your strategy. If your keywords are too broad, Google will place your ad in front of the wrong audience, which means fewer clicks and higher ad spend.
Review what's working (aka which keywords drive clicks) and adjust them to better match your ads to your target audience. You probably won't get the right combination the first time, but you should keep adding, removing, and editing keywords until you do.
Tip: Check out the keyword strategies we cover below. 3. Don't post irrelevant ads. If your ad doesn't match the searcher's intent, you won't get enough clicks to justify your ad spend. Your ad title and ad text should match the keywords you're bidding on, and the solution that markets your ad should fix any issues the searcher finds. It is a combination that will produce the results you are looking for and only a few tweaks may be required. You have the option to create multiple ads per campaign - use this feature to split the test on which ads perform best. Or better yet, use the Google Search Network's Responsive Ads feature.
Tip: Read our best practices for ad copy. 4. Improve your Quality Score (QS). Your Quality Score (QS) is how Google determines your ad's ranking.
The higher your QS, the better your search engine results page (SERP) rankings will be. If your Quality Score is low, you'll have fewer eyes on your ad and less chance of converting.
While Google lets you know your Quality Score, it's your responsibility to improve it. Tip: Read on to find out how to improve your QS.
5. Optimize your ad's landing page.
Your efforts shouldn't stop at your ad - the user experience after a click is just as essential. What does your user see when they click on your ad? Is your landing page optimized for conversions? Does the page solve the user's pain point or answer their question? Your user should experience a smooth transition through the conversion process. Tip: Review landing page best practices and implement them to increase conversion rate.
Google Ads terms you need to know 
ad rating 
type of campaign 
click for ratings 
Conversion rate 
display network 
ad extensions 
Quality level 
These common terms will help you set up, manage and optimize your Google Ads. Some of these are specific to Google Ads, while others are generally related to PPC. In any case, you will need to know this in order to run an effective advertising campaign.

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