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Google Ads Tips 
Now that you know how to use and optimize Google Ad campaigns, here are some tips or best practices to follow to help you create a successful campaign.
We have explored them extensively in this article, but their importance cannot be overstated. Use it as a checklist that you can refer to again and again.
1. Have a clear goal.
It is important to define your goals before creating your ad, rather than creating the ad first and then changing it based on your goals. Sit down with the marketing team to develop a marketing strategy and create SMART goals for your Google Ads campaign.
2. Create relevant landing pages.
When prompted to add your URL when creating an ad, make sure the URL you provide leads to the relevant landing page. If your ad is good enough to get clicks, you can do a lot of work if it leads them to the wrong landing page.
So optimize your landing page so that your ad helps turn a curious visitor into a paying customer. Check out our guide to landing pages to learn exactly how to create a great landing page.
3. Use the correct words.
Keywords are very important, so it is natural that you choose the best one for your ad. Long tail keywords are some of the best types of keywords because they are very specific and can target businesses.
For example, let's say you run a cat clinic. A keyword like "cat clinic" won't target people in your area, but something like "cat clinic with gazebo" can attract a good audience.
4. Repeat the process.
You can drive change by improving the engagement process. Tools like Smart Bidding can raise or lower your bid, depending on your chances of winning.
Therefore, you should spend money only when the chances of success are high. 5. Use social media. Extensions can improve the performance of your ad. These extensions allow you to advertise a location, service, product or marketing promotion. For example, you can include a phone number in your ad so people can call you directly and ask questions about your service.
6. Use negative words.
Google Ads allows you to enter negative keywords. Using these keywords shows what your product or service is not, thus preventing you from appearing in SERPs that are not relevant. 
Using the example of a cat clinic, you can only care for cats and not dogs or other pets. In this case, you can remove words like "dog" and other qualifiers. 7. Measure and improve your plan. When you connect your ads to Google Analytics, you can track important stats like page popularity, which keywords drive traffic, and more.
Collecting and analyzing these and other metrics will help you improve the quality of your ads, increase your conversions, and increase your revenue over time.

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