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Google retargeting ads 
Remarketing (or remarketing) in Google Ads is a way to advertise to users who have already interacted with you online but haven't converted. Tracking cookies will follow users around the web and use your ads to target those users. Remarketing is effective because most prospects need to see your marketing many times before becoming a customer.
Google Ad Type 
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You can choose one of the five types of ads in Google Ads. Let's cover what's best for each and why you should choose one over the other.
1. Search for network ads 
Search ads are text ads that appear on Google's results page. For example, a search for "bag" returns recommended results: 
ad type google search ad 
The advantage of search advertising is that you show your ad where most people search for information first: on Google. And Google displays your ad in the same order as other results (except to refer to it as "ad"), so users are used to seeing and clicking on the results.
Responsive search advertising 
Responsive search advertising allows you to add several types of headlines and ad texts (15 different types and four, respectively) for Google to choose the best performers to show users . With traditional advertising, you create your own unique advertising style, using the same name and description each time.
Responsive advertising allows for dynamic advertising that is automatically tested until you arrive at the best version for your audience – for Google, that means until you get the most clicks. 2. Display Advertising Ads 
Google has a network of different websites and companies and many audiences choose to display Google ads, known as the Google Display Network. The advantage to the website owner is that they are paid per click or impression of the ad. The advantage for advertisers is that they can deliver their content to an audience that matches their style. These are usually image ads that distract users from the content of a web page: 
google ads display 
Image source 
3. Video advertising campaigns 
video. Don't forget that YouTube is also a search engine. Therefore, the right keywords will put you in front of the video, disrupting the user's behavior just to get their attention. Here is a video ad showing in the middle of another video on how to tie a tie: 
Image source 
4. Social media tools 
Google App Ads promotes your mobile app through ads on the Google Search Network, YouTube, Google Play, Google Display Network, etc. You can run an ad that encourages your audience to install your app or, if they've already used it, take action within your app.
Unlike other forms of advertising, you don't create an app ad campaign. Instead, give Google information on your audience, and add an offer. Google does other things to put your app in the right eye: 
google ads app ads type 
Image source 
5. Marketing campaigns 
Another type of Google ad is the Google Shopping ad campaign. Shopping campaigns, like other types of advertising, are displayed in SERPs and include detailed product information such as prices and product images. You can start a shopping campaign through the Google Merchant Center, where you enter product-specific information that Google provides to create your shopping ad.
Instead of marketing your brand as a whole, marketing campaigns allow you to promote products and product lines. That's why when you search for the same product on Google, ads from different brands appear on top and/or on the side. That's what I see when I search for "running shoes". The ads above are Google search ads, but the products advertised next to them are shopping ads targeted at the keyword "running shoes":

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