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Media extension 
If you use Google Ads, you will use the ads for two purposes: they are independent, they provide additional information to the users and another reason for you and your ads to be displayed. deal with. These extensions fit into one of the following five categories: 
Sitelink extensions extend your ad, which helps you stand out, providing more links to your site that give users more incentives to click. Google sitelink advertising 
Call extensions allow you to include your phone number in your ad, so users have an additional (and immediate) way to contact you. If you have a group of customers who are willing to participate in converting your audience, enter your phone number. Google Ads calls extensions 
Location integration includes your location and phone number in your ads so Google can show people on the map to find you more easily. This option is great for businesses with a store and works well for the search query "...near me". 
Google Ads Location Extensions 
Provide active extensions if you are doing continuous upgrades. This can cause users to click on your ad over others if they see your options narrowing down compared to your competitors.
Google Ads offers extensions 
Application extension provides links to download applications for mobile users. This reduces the hassle of doing a new search to find and download the app in the AppStore.
Google Ads app extension

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