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Google's advertising strategy 
Once you've set up your social media and established a following, it's time to start ordering. Remember that your ability to rank in Google Ads depends on how well you run it. Although your investment amount will depend on your budget and your goals, there are a few strategies and basics that you should consider when starting your paid advertising.
Automatic vs. Manual installation 
You have two options for bidding on your theme: automatic and manual. Here's how they work: 
Automated matching puts Google in the driving seat and allows the platform to adjust your recommendations based on your competitors. You can always set a budget limit, and Google will work within the limits to give you the best chance to beat the disease within those restrictions.
Customization allows you to set the number of ads on your keywords, allowing you to reduce your ad spend more efficiently. Paying in the sign search process 
Brands are those that contain your company or unique product name, such as "HubSpot CRM". There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should support your scoring system. On one side of the argument, the involvement in issues that can create creative things can be seen as a waste of money. On the other hand, participating in those processes gives you a domain in those search results pages and helps you to turn the leads to the wheel. For example, if you've researched live chat tools and are considering HubSpot live chat, a simple search for "HubSpot live chat software" will produce exactly the results I'm looking for without scrolling. Another argument for registering your trademark is that competitors can provide them with documents if you do not, taking real estate that should be yours.
Cost per acquisition (CPA) 
If the thought of spending money to convert leads makes you uncomfortable, you can set a CPA instead and only pay when a user converts to a customer. Although this booking plan may cost more, you can take comfort in knowing that you only pay when you get a paying customer. This plan makes it easy to track and manage your ad spend. Other tools to improve your Google ads 
Your ad text and title aren't the only things that will make your paid advertising successful. Getting the user to click is just the beginning...they need to land on a conversion-optimized landing page and be taken to a thank you page that tells them what to do next. If you want your Google Ads to generate qualified leads and customers, check out these resources and use them as a guide when planning your Google Ads campaigns.
Landing best practices will teach you how to optimize landing pages for conversions so you don't waste those precious clicks. The best welcome pages show you what to do with your new prospects after conversion, how to keep them on your site, and how to keep their attention.
Tips for Google mobile ads walk you through the main differences between desktop and mobile ads and how to optimize for both. Google Ads Cost Optimization will show you how we at HubSpot optimize our Google Ads spend to get the best ROI.
Good Google Ads Examples that turn out great examples of successful Google ads.

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