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All inclusive hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey

La Magie Clinic offers all included hair transplant solutions such as flight and hotel accomodation is included.

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In the FUE technique, the hair follicles are removed individually from the benefactor region by miniature needles.There are twofold or triple hair cells in a graft,hair follicles.First neighborhood sedation is given to the patient.According to the patient's necessities and hair density,2000-5000 hair follicles can be taken in one session.If the patient requirements more follicles,a second meeting can be done.In FUE strategy, incredible consideration ought to be taken not to harm the donor.In this technique, there are no scars or trimmed follows in the giver area.Before the transplantation,the hair ought to be shaved and whenever mentioned the hair taken from the body and the facial hair can be utilized in transplantation. 


The FUE technique is an extremely effective interaction, if the activity is performed by an expert team.Since the hair follicles utilized in the relocated region are hereditarily non-shedding, you can have super durable hair forever. One of the most significant benefits of the FUE procedure is that,the relocated hair keeps on developing for a lifetime.There is no requirement for fastens or surgical tools for the FUE strategy additionally there is no trimmed follow in the relocated area.The FUE technique can be applied to all kinds of people. 


The FUT strategy is one of the most famous hair relocate techniques. With this procedure, hair transplantation can be acted in a short period.In this method,strong hair roots and the hair follicles in the scruff region is liked for transplantation.First,the hair on the scruff region is eliminated in a strip and afterward the eliminated scalp is separated into pieces to contain an alternate number of follicles.Finally, these partitioned skins are relocated to bare regions by unique technicians.In FUT method,the bearing of hair development and hairline ought to be considered during the transplantation process.In this technique,since the hair taken from the scruff region is sorted,approximately 80% of the hair is relocated. 

Join are made to forestall the benefactor region, the scruff area,from getting infected.There might be a sensation of strain in the neck region for 10 days after the transplantation,due to the piece taken.FUT strategy is performed under neighborhood anesthesia.This procedure is an entirely reasonable alternative for patients who don't utilize an extremely short hair style and need the transplantation done in a brief period. 


For the initial three days after hair transplantation, the scruff space of the patient is wrapped with a swathe on the grounds that the relocated region ought not be left open. Slight draining can be seen after hair transplantation, it is very normal.The relocated region begins to outside from the subsequent day. It is illegal to contact the hair relocate region in the main days, however you can lie on the swathed scruff region. After hair transplantation,the patient might have slight outside layers enduring 8-10 days in the relocated area.These hulls will look like dandruff and vanish with washing. Toward the finish of the tenth day, these outside layers vanish totally. During the crusting time frame, shield the relocated region from outer components. 

For the most part shock shedding is found in the process after hair transplantation.Between the second week and the second month, going bald happens in the relocated hair,this is normal.A few hairs stay in the relocated area.It can be seen that some hair follicles develop little new hairs. Occasionally, the patient might feel deadness and shivering in the head. 

After the initial three months, the shock shedding measure passes and the relocated hair starts to grow.At first,newly arose hair strands may give off an impression of being wavy or wavy.This is extremely typical because of the variation cycle of the hair strands emerging from the new hair relocate. Hair strands will recuperate inside a half year to 1 year.

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