Pyrus Comminis Deveci (Deveci Armut)

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Pear seedling deveci fruit large-very large, low, lower part wide,neckless.
The flower pit is deep.It is a semi-squat variety.
The fruit surface is slightly indented and protruding, the bark is thin, the ground colour is yellow-Yesil, rustless, sometimes Sun - faced, the face is pink-red.
The fruit flesh is white, crunchy, juicy, sweet and high in quality.
Cold weather can be kept in the facilities for a long time and is a good option in terms of resale value for the winter months.
He doesn't soften up in eating.
Pollinators pear sapling maple, pear sapling WILLIAMS
Average; 100mm. width, 98 mm except handle. it is in length and weighs about 620 grams.

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