Terms & Conditions

Market Place Agreement,


Article 1 – SUBJECT

The subject of this contract is thesale-delivery of theproductspecifiedbelowtothe BUYER, in accordancewiththeLaw No 6502 ConcerningtheProtection of the Consumer andtheRegulation of DistantSales, concerningthesaleanddelivery of theproduct, thequalitiesandsellingprice of whicharepresentedbelow, andthat is soldbythe SELLER tothe BUYER overthe internet site www.myturkstyle.com, andthestatement of therightsandobligations of theParties in thismatter.



Thetype, kind, amount, color, SellingPriceand Delivery Information of theproductsubjecttocontractarespecifiedbelow.


4.1. THE BUYER ,declaresthat he/sheconfirmselectronicallythattheproduct on the internet site  www.myturkstyle.com will be delivered with  the basicqualities, thesellingpriceincludingalltaxesandthespecifiedpaymentmethodwill be paidbythe BUYER, that he/she has readandunderstoodthepreliminaryinformationconcerningdelivery time, commercial name of the SELLER, itsregisteredaddressandcontactinformation.

THE BUYER, byconfirmingthiscontractelectronically, confirmsthat he/sheaccuratelyandcompletelyreceivedtheinformationabouttheaddress, basicfeatures of theorderedproducts, andthetax-inclusiveprices of products, deliveryinformationandright of withdrawalandthecontent of theright of withdrawalpriortotheexecution of thiscontract.

4.2. THE BUYER herebyagrees, declaresandundertakesthat he/she has readandunderstoodallotherpreliminaryinformationthatarelegallymandatoryto be presentduetotheLaw No 6502 ConcerningtheProtection of the Consumer andtheRegulation of DistantSalesandthat he/sheprovidedtherequiredconfirmationfromthe web site www.myturkstyle.com  electronically.

4.3. Theproductsubjecttocontract, will be deliveredwithintheperiodspecified on the web site based on eachproductandthedistancetotheBUYER’sresidence, but in allcaseslessthan 30 (Thirty) days, tothe BUYER ortheperson/organization he/sheindicates. The BUYER will pay allshipmentfeesconcerningthedelivery in Article 3 andthe it will be billed in theorderinvoiceunderthetitle “ShipmentFee“.

4.4. Iftheproductsubjecttocontractwill be deliveredtoanotherperson/organizationthanthe BUYER, the SELLER cannot be heldresponsibleiftheperson/organizationthatwillreceivethedeliverydoes not accept it. Incasethedelivery is delayedandorthe Product cannot be deliveredduetoproblemscausedbytheshipmentcompany, the SELLER cannot be heldliable. Incasethe Product is not deliveredduetothe BUYERsabsence at theaddress, the SELLER cannot be heldresponsible in anyway.

4.5. THE BUYER is responsibletochecktheproduct on delivery, rejectthedeliveryif a cargo-related problem appears on the Product andtomaketheshipmentcompany’sofficer file a report. Otherwise, the SELLER will not acceptanyresponsibility.

4.6. The SELLER is responsibleto deliver theproductintact, complete, in conformancewiththequalitiesspecified in theorder, andalongwithitsuser’smanuals  andwarrantydocuments.

4.7 Incasethedelivery of theproductor service becomesimpossibleandthe SELLER cannotfulfillitscontractualduties, it informsthecustomerbeforetheobligationtoperformthatarisesfromthecontractexpiresandmaysupply a differentproductof  equivalentqualityandpricetothe BUYER, iftheitemitself is not inheinventory. Inthatcase, the SELLE is consideredfulfilledits Product Supplyduty. Inthiscase, the BUYER has therighttorejecttheproductandterminatethecontract.

4.8. Iftherelevant bank orfinancinginstitutiondoes not pay theproduct’spricetothe SELLER followingtheproduct’sdelivery, becausetheBUYER’screditcard, bankingcard, debitcardandorotherpaymentmethods on the Internet Site areusedbyunauthorizedpersonsunjustlyorunlawfully; the BUYER is requiredtoreturntheproduct (if it wasdelivered) within 3 (three) days. Inthiscase, theshipmentexpensesbelongtothe BUYER.

4.9. The SELLER is responsibletoinformthe BUYER ifthe SELLER cannotperformthedeliveryforthe Product subjecttocontract on time, duetoforcemajeureeventsorweatherconditions,fire,earthquake, pandemi, theplague, close of borderstransportationblocksetc. reasonsthatpreventshipment,  Inthiscasethe BUYER has therighttocancel his/her orderandterminatethecontract. IncasetheContract is terminated, the SELLER is responsibletoreturnallthepayments it has collectedincludingtheshipmentfeestothe BUYER in cashand in full, within 14 (fourteen) days of thedelivery of theterminationnotice.

4.10. The SELLER has therighttocancelthepurchasesthatexceedconsumerneedsoverthe internet site. Thepurchasesthatexceedconsumerneeds, purchasesinvolvingmorethan…. (…….) products, the SELLER reservestherighttocancelthewholeorderordeliveringonly….. (……) products, whicharetheretaillimits.

4.11. The BUYER has to pay thefullprice of the Product beforedelivery, unlessotherwiseagreedupon in writingbythe SELLER. Ifthe Product price is not paidtothe SELLER in fullforsingleinstallmentsales,  ortheinstallmentthat is due is not paid on time formultipleinstallmentsales, the SELLER has therighttounilaterallyterminatethecontractandrefuseto deliver the Product.
If, foranyreason, the Bank/financialinstitutionthatownsthecreditcardusedforpaymentdoes not pay the Product pricetothe SELLER orrequeststhereturn of thepaymentafterthedelivery of the Product, the BUYER shallreturnthe Product tothe Seller within 3 days. Ifthenon-payment of the Product price is dueto a faultornegligence of the BUYER, the BUYER shall pay theshipmentfee.

4.12.The Buyer's must have been damaged during the delivery, broken, torn packaging etc. In the event that it receives the goods or services subject to the Contract, which is obviously damaged and defective, from the cargo company, the responsibility belongs to itself.


5.1. The BUYER has theright of withdrawalfor 14 (fourteen) daysfollowingthedelivery of the Product subjecttocontracttohim/her ortotheperson/organization in theaddress he/shespecifies, withoutspecifyinganyreason.

5.2. Tousetheright of withdrawal, the BUYER mustinformthe SELLER within 14 (fourteen) daysviafax, phoneor e-mail andthe Product should be unusedand in a statethat can be resoldbythe SELLER accordingtotheprovisions of Article 15, “Exceptions of the Right of Withdrawal” of theRegulation of DistantSales, published in theOfficialGazettedated 27.11.2014 andArticle 6 of theelectronicallysignedDistantSalesContractexecutedbetweentheParties. Incasethisright is exercised,

a) Theinvoice of the Product that is deliveredtothe Third Partyorthe BUYER (Iftheinvoice is corporate, alongwiththereturninvoiceissuedbythereturningorganization) must be sent tothe SELLER within 10 (Ten) days. Thereturns of purchases, theinvoices of whichareissuedforcorporationswill not be completedifthe RETURN INVOICE is not issued.

b) The Return Form,

c) Thebox, packagingandstandardaccessories (ifany) of theproductsto be returnedneedto be deliveredtothe SELLER within 10 (Ten) daysfromthedelivery of theright of withdrawalrequest. The Product priceshall be returnedtothe BUYER within 14 daysfollowingthedelivery of therequest of right of withdrawaltothe SELLER.

Incasetheright of withdrawal is exercised, the BUYER is responsibletoreturnthegoodstothe SELLER within 10 (Ten) daysfollowingthedelivery of therequest of right of withdrawaltothe SELLER usingtheshippingcompany ……… KARGO, which is thecontractedcompany of the SELLER.

Ifthe Consumer does not sendthegoodswithin 10 (Ten) daysfollowingthedate on whichthenoticeconcerningtheright of withdrawal is deliveredtothe SELLER, theright of withdrawalwill be deemedwaived.

Whenthe Product is beingreturnedtothe SELLER, theoriginalinvoicedeliveredtothe BUYER shallalso be returned (toensureconsistency in ouraccountingrecords) andthereturnprocesswill not be executediftheinvoice is not deliveredalongwiththe Product, orwithin 5 (five) days of thedelivery of the Product tothe SELLE, andthe Product will be sent backtothe BUYER, cash on delivery. Theinvoicethatshall be returnedwiththeproductswillbearthetext “RETURN INVOICE” and be signedbythe BUYER.

5.3. Tousetheright of withdrawal, thepackaging of theproductmust be closed, unharmedandtheproductshouldn’t be usedortried.

5.4 Returnsforproductsthatcannot be returnedduetotheircharacteristics; healthandhygienicproducts,singleuseproducts, software andprogramsthat can be copied, fast-spoilingorexpirableproductswill not be accepted.  (Incontractsregardinggoodsorserviceswhosepricevariesdepending on fluctuations in thefinancialmarketsandwhichare not underthecontrol of the Seller (egproducts in thecategory of jewelery, goldandsilver); Inthecontractsregardingthedelivery of goodsthatareprepared in linewiththewishes of theBuyerorclearly his personalneeds, whichare not suitableforreturning in nature, andthathavethe risk of deteriorationquicklyorthatarelikelytoexceedtheexpirydate; Afterthedelivery, theprotectiveelementssuch as packaging, tape, seal, packageareopened; Inthecontractsregardingthedelivery of thosewhosereturn is not suitableforhealthandhygiene; Incontractsforgoodsthataremixedwithotherproductsafterdeliveryandcannot be separatedbynature; Inthecontractsregardingbooks, audioor video recordings, software programsandcomputerconsumablesprovided in materialenvironmentprovidedthattheprotectiveelementssuch as packaging, tape, seal, packageareopenedbythebuyer; Incontractsrelatedtothedelivery of periodicalssuch as newspapersandmagazinesotherthanthoseprovidedunderthesubscriptionagreement; Inthecontractsforaccommodation, goods transport, car rental, foodandbeveragesupplyandfortheevaluation of leisure time forentertainmentor rest; Inthecontractsregardingtheperformance of servicesrelatedtobettingandlottery; Beforetheend of theright of withdrawal, in thecontractsregardingtheservicesthatstartedto be performedwiththeapproval of theconsumer; and in contractsregardingintangiblegoodsdeliveredinstantlytotheconsumerwithelectronicservices (giftcards, giftvouchers, moneysubstitutes, etc.). Withdrawal in terms of goodsorservicesthatareexcludedfromthescope of theDistanceContractsRegulation (regulardeliveries of the Seller andfooditems, beveragesorotherdailyconsumptionitemsdeliveredtotheBuyer'shomeandservices in areassuch as travel, accommodation, restaurant, entertainmentsector) rightwill not be exercised. Thecancellationandreturnconditions of suchgoodsandservicesofferedforsale in theholidaycategoryaresubjecttothepracticesandrules of each Seller.)


Theintellectual-commercialrightsandpropertyrights of anycontentorinformationbelongingtothe INTERNET SITE andtheediting, revisionanduse of part/whole of thesamebelongtothe SELLER.

The SELLER reservestherighttomakeanymodificationsthat it maydeemnecessaryconcerningtheabove; thesemodificationsenterintoforce on the moment whentheyareannouncedbythe SELLER on the INTERNET SITE orotherappropriatemethods.


ThisContract is subjecttothelaws of theTurkish Legal regulations.In İstanbul (Çağlayan) Courts,The Consumer ArbitrationCommitteesandthe Consumer Courts in theSELLER’sregionhaveexclusivejurisdictionuptothevalue set bytheRepublic of TurkeyTradeMinistry in theexecution of thiscontract. Incasetheorder is approved, the BUYER is consideredtohaveagreedtoalltheconditions of thisContract.

This Agreement, consisting of 7 (seven) articles, was read and signed by the parties on when they signd up myturkstyle.com by electronic acceptance by the Buyer/seller and entered into force.




Name:…Who Sign Up To The Website www.myturkstyle.com

Address: ……………User Adress…………………………………….

Phone: ………User Phone Number……………………………………….

Email: ………Users E Mail……………………………………..

Fax: …………Users Fax ………………………………………….


Thetype, kind, amount, color, SellingPriceand Delivery Information of theproductsubjecttocontractarespecifiedbelow.

Product CodeandDescription


Price (VAT Included)


Delivery Address:


Yourorderwill be deliveredtotheproductshipmentcompanyordered on behalf of …………………………….. within 30 (thirty) days of theorderdate, accordingtotheprovisions of theLaw No 6502 ConcerningtheProtection of the Consumer  andoryourdiscountcode is deliveredelectronically. Theshipmentcompanywill deliver yourcargo at most 2 daysaftertheshipmentcodebecomesvisible on thesystem.

The SELLER reservestherighttocanceltheorderandreturnthecollectedamountstothe BUYER acordingtotherelevantlegislationbased on theprovision “Iftheperformance of theproductor service subjecttoorderbecomesimpossible, the seller orprovidershallinformtheconsumerwithinthreedays of learningaboutthiscondition in writingorthrough a permanent data storage, andreturnallthecollectedamounts, includingthedeliveryexpensesifany, withinfourteendays o thenotificationdate”, stated in thesub-clause 4 of Article 16 of theDistantSalesRegulationno 29188 enteredintoforce on 27.03.2015, ifmistakestookplace in theproductprice, productdescription, productcharacteristicsetc. whenofferingtheproductforsale on the internet site.


Afterthispre-notification form is readandapprovedbythe Consumer in electronic form, theDistantSalesContractwill be executed.


Whenthe Consumer approvestheContract, thePriceandexpensesforthe Product(s) he/sheorderswill be collectedthroughthepaymentmethod of choice.

The Consumer has theright of withdrawalfromthecontractbyrejectingtheproduct in distantsalescontractsconcerningsales of productswithin 14 (fourteen) days of delivery, withoutundertakingany legal orpenalliabilityandwithoutspecifyinganyreason. Indistantcontractsconcerning service provision, thisperiodstarts on theexecutiondate of thecontract. IftheContractspecifiesthatthe service will be performedbeforethe 14-day period is expired, theconsumer can use his/her right of withdrawalbeforetheperformancedate.

Incasethe CONSUMER uses his/her right of withdrawal, he/sheshallreturntheproduct he/sheboughttothe SELLER viathe………………. Kargo company, withwhichthe SELLER has a contract. Incasethereturnproduct is sent viathecontractedShipmentCompany, theexpensesfortheexercise of theright of withdrawalwillbelongtothe SELLER. Ifanyothermethod apart fromthecontractedshipmentcompany of the SELLER is usedtoreturnthe Product whileexercisingtheright of withdrawal, the CONSUMER will pay theexpensesforthereturndelivery.

Tousetheright of withdrawal, the BUYER mustinformthe SELLER within 14days viafax, phoneortothe e-mail addressandthe Product should be unusedaccordingtotheprovisions of Article 15, “Exceptions of the Right of Withdrawal” of theRegulation of DistantSales, published in theOfficialGazettedated 27.11.2014 andArticle 6 of theelectronicallysignedDistantSalesContractexecutedbetweentheParties. Thereturnmethodsunderthescope of the Right of Withdrawalarealsoincluded in theDistantSalesContract in detail.

Incasetheright of withdrawal is exercised, the BUYER is responsibletoreturnthegoodstothe SELLER within 10 (Ten) daysfollowingthedelivery of therequest of right of withdrawaltothe SELLER usingtheshippingcompany……………………. KARGO, which is thecontractedcompany of the SELLER.

Ifthe Consumer does not sendthegoodstothe SELLER within 10 (Ten) daysfollowingthedate on whichthenoticeconcerningtheright of withdrawal is deliveredtothe SELLER, theright of withdrawalwill be deemedwaived.

Incasetherequirementsspecifiedabovearefulfilledbytheconsumer on time andappropriately, the Product priceandthe Product deliveryexpenseswill be returnedtothe Consumer within 14 daysfromthedelivery of thewithdrawalnoticetoourcompany, in a mannerappropriatetothepaymenttoolusedwhilepurchasingthe Product.


Theconsumer can file his/her complaintandobjectionapplicationstotheconsumerproblemsarbitrationcommitteeorconsumercourts in thearea(İstanbul-Çağlayan Courts) wheretheconsumerreceivedtheproductor service orwhere he/sheresides, withinthemonetarylimitsspecifiedbytheRepublic of TurkeyMinistry of CustomsandTrade in Decembereachyear.

6- Adresseswriteabove, whatarethe legal post adresses of theparties.


DATE……User Signup Date……………




According to this concept myturkstyle.com, retail or wholesale of products or services of vendor users through
advertisements posted on the site 

as it allows it to reach the recipient, myturkstyle.com the services provided by the company and the products sold by the
company also provide the opportunity to reach the buyer.Also 

in addition to making sales, contact information is provided for making wholesale shopping with

Within the scope of this service, the products in the basket of the buyer must belong to a single store and the products of different stores are
placed in a single order 

you will be unable to.

You must be 18 years or older to use our Services. Minors under 18 and at least 13 years of age are only permitted to use our Services through an account owned by a parent or legal guardian with their appropriate permission and under their direct supervision. Children under 13 years are not permitted to use Etsy or the Services. You are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account

Myturkstyle.com is online to meet buyers and seller.Myturkstyle.com is not responsible between buyers and sellers conversation or payment or anything else.

In accordance with this concept, users sell their own product or service
(referred to as” manufacturer") myturkstyle.com by opening their own stores in 

(referred to as the” seller") will be able to sell.

A) conditions for entry
into Market place for sellers: myturkstyle.com the following conditions are provided at the time of application to open a store in 

it is necessary to supply
numbered stamped and wet signed documents by all partners.:

a. Each page of the Market Store contract is grazed and wet signed myturkstyle.com sent to.  
Signed store contractionssee also 

myturkstyle.com it will also be installed on your system.

b.  The tax plate belonging to the tax year or the oldest previous
year must be presented.

c.  Legal companies for the validity of expired signature circular, signature declarations of partners, signature declaration for
individual companies or ordinary partnerships 

and copies of persons ' birth certificates should be presented.

d.  Partnership agreement for ordinary partners

e. Bank details: (bank name, branch, account no., branch no., Iban no.

f.  A certificate of activity for the last six months must be submitted.

g.  Trade
Registry Gazette, if any


All documents numbered above myturkstyle.com if the decision is taken to work with the applicant by opening a store within the scope
of this concept after it has been communicated to the applicant, this 

the applicant will open a store myturkstyle.com sell the products in the concept
catalog or apply for inclusion in the supplier network. 

If the application form is filled out correctly and completely, the applicant's products will be
referred to the relevant category manager and the applicant will be asked to purchase 

an e-mail will be sent informing you of any further steps in the
process or that the product offer referenced has been rejected.

B) conditions of entry to Sunday place for producers: myturkstyle.com in order to open a store
by the manufacturer, the following conditions are provided at the time of application: 

it is necessary to obtain the following stamped and wet signed
documents by all partners.:

Each page of the Market Store contract is grazed and wet signed myturkstyle.com sent to.  Signed store contractionssee also 

myturkstyle.com it will also be installed on your system.
Bank details: (bank name, branch, account no., branch no., Iban no.
Producer certificate obtained
from Ministry of agriculture or official institution (mukhtarik).  It will be requested.
Production (agriculture, garden, greenhouse, etc.) must be certified.



The prices of the products are determined by the vendor users and myturkstyle.com no interference and responsibility with the
wage-setting policy of the 

is not included.

myturkstyle.com store space fee where users can place advertisements of their products only according to the
categories presented in the appendix and the specific list specified in the list 

he will take additional charges in advance according to exceptional
circumstances.In addition, the products sold in the store will not be charged a commission separately.


The delivery of the products to the Market Place
is different depending on the delivery order status of courier delivery or cargo delivery.

Delivery by courier can be paid at the door, or if the buyer wishes
to pay online during the order. Online payment if available 

after the commission fee of the payment system is deducted, the balance is transferred
immediately to the seller without seeking the buyer's approval.
In cargo orders, the approved payment system will be valid and the buyer, after ordering the
product, will pay the product fee myturkstyle.com directed by 

it transfers to the payment system and informs the seller that the fee has been credited to the

The buyer who receives the delivered product, if the product meets the agreed qualifications and conditions, can transfer the fee to the seller's
bank account via the site 

he'll approve.

If the seller does not provide the delivery/performance of the product to the buyer or if it is determined that the
product sent by the buyer does not have the specified qualifications, the fee is 

it will be returned to the recipient from the secure account.

3 (three)
business days + 24 hours after the buyer enters the site with the seller's cargo, shipping delivery information or information regarding the performance of
the delivery 

if there is no confirmation notice in it, the balance fee will be transferred to the seller's account after the commission fee of the payment
system, if any, has been deducted. This 

to the recipient's e-mail account after completion of 3 (three) business days, myturkstyle.com a reminder message
will be sent by. On this message 

if any complaint regarding the product is not forwarded through the site within 24 hours of the message hour, the commission
fee of the payment system is deducted if any 

once the balance product fee will be transferred to the seller.

The products sold within the scope of this
concept are easily degraded, consumed in a short time and require special protection. 

the buyer has no right to withdraw or return.
In the event of a dispute
between buyer and seller, until the parties have reached a settlement or until a court/arbitration panel decision has been made, myturkstyle.com product 

has the right to block his fee.
Buyer and seller are responsible for all kinds of Taxes, Duties and similar duties related to the exchange between buyer and
seller within the scope of this concept subject service. 

it belongs to myturkstyle.com ' s has no responsibility. 

 Responsibility for Your Content. You understand that you are solely responsible for Your Content. You represent that you have all necessary rights to Your Content and that you’re not infringing or violating any third party’s rights by posting it.

The buyer and seller shall determine the transportation of the products between themselves.
Matters relating to the transportation of the products shall be governed entirely by the agreements of the parties themselves. 

it shall be determined
according to the shipping agreement between them. myturkstyle.com under no circumstances can a liability be imposed.

You're responsible for your account. You’re solely responsible for any activity on your account. If you’re sharing an account with other people, then the person whose financial information is on the account will ultimately be responsible for all activity. If you’re registering as a business entity, you personally guarantee that you have the authority to agree to the Terms on behalf of the business. Also, your accounts are not transferable.

myturkstyle.com the sole
responsibility of the company under this service is to publish advertisements and the content of advertisements, products, etc. all matters myturkstyle.com a 

there can be no liability.

Products that are not allowed to be grown and sold according to Turkish and international law myturkstyle.com or 

requests for products are prohibited. On this myturkstyle.com there is no liability.

Myturkstyle.com is not responsible of the deals of the buyers and sellers contracts between them.

All the buyers and seller who met here in myturkstyle.com have their own responsibilities.

Myturkstyle.com only shows the products and services.

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