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Blanket With Wearable Sleeves


With the wearable blanket comes freedom to arms!


 Their sleeves will protect you from the cold in travel, on the balcony, in camp, watching television, in all indoor and outdoor spaces in the stadium


 It doesn't slip like ordinary blankets and gives you complete freedom of movement


 You can easily use your computer or TV remote, talk on the phone or have a snack with the sleeve blanket

It keeps you warm from your neck to your toes

 The blanket with the soft sleeves will keep you warm and reduce your heating costs!


Product Features:


It's comfortable and keeps warm


 Made of Ultra-soft fleece fabric


 Fits every body with standard size


 Washing machine washable


 It is suitable for both women and men


 You can fold and store in comfort without taking up space


Product Sizes:


 180 Cm Length

122 Cm Width


 100% Domestic Production


 Package Contents: 


1 Wearable Sleeve Blanket

Shipping Cost Free Shipping
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Location erenkoy 34738, Istanbul, Turkey

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